Eye Kandy Kustoms was founded in 1999 by Aaron Wilson.  Over the past 19 years we have created a team of dedicated craftsmen, that have been given the opportunity to create beautiful Works of Art. We are always searching for new projects that will challenge us in our craft and in our pursuit of perfection.

What ever dream or idea, you may have for a future project. Our shop is fully equipped with all of the tools and equipment to make them into a reality. From sheet metal, chassis fabrication, custom woodwork, wiring and world class refinishing, we have everything it takes to build it.

Eye Kandy Kustoms strives to produce, only the highest quality custom builds. With years of experience and knowledge that there is way more to building a quality car, than just bolting on parts. We will take the time to design, fit or modify, each of the thousands of components on your car. Providing you with a finished project that you deserve, and that everyone will adore for years to come.